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Aparna Veeremachaneni MS, MA, RD, LDN – a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian / Nutritionist.


Dietitians plan food and nutrition programs and supervise the preparation and serving of meals. They help prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and suggesting diet modifications.

Dietitians can work with individual clients to develop customized diets and meal plans as part of their overall health care. This involves coordinating with clients’ caregivers to make sure the plan is appropriate for the individual’s health care needs.

If you have any of these conditions and want help to fix it with the right kind of nutrition, reach out to me. It's a functional nutrition approach to make sure your mitochondria is doing its job. To help patients improve dysfunctional pathways that may be contributing to current or future disease states such as PCOS, Insulin resistance, Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, IBS,IBS, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and kidney disease.Try this approach before getting on medications.  Call for a free 15 minute consultation to see what you can get help on. 


I was immediately relaxed when I entered the office because of the genuine smile and professional greeting from the person at the front desk. The office energy is very welcoming and beautifully designed. I had been trying to develop a healthy lifestyle over the past few months, but was becoming confused trying to understand nutritional information from books and websites. Aparna is an amazing nutritionist. Not only does she have a wealth of specialized knowledge, her ability to communicate with patience and detailed materials was empowering for me. Aparna maximized every minute. After explaining to me my specific health situation and nutritional needs, she explained a plan to move towards wholistic healthy lifestyle. I am using recipes from her plan and utilizing the materials. I highly recommend Aparna for anyone looking to understand the pathway to a lifestyle that honors total self care. For a beginner like me this practice has moved me from feeling overwhelmed and helpless to believing that I can take charge (step by step) and put into action a new lifestyle. It is going to take time but the journey is worth the end result. I am grateful that my doctor recommended Aparna at Disease Prevention. Toni Harris

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