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Dietetics and Nutrition


Our registered Dietician provides nutrition assessments and counseling services in Cary, NC. 


By providing nutrition and dietetics, we can help patients treat a wide variety of conditions, including Chronic Kidney Disease, Cardiovascular disease, PCOS and insulin resistance, and more.  Good nutrition and proper diet tailored to alleviate a particular condition can vastly improve a patient’s outcome, and enhance the results better than what can be gained  from medication alone. 


Carolyn Clark

Aparna has helped me work out a kidney health diet that hopefully will stop my body from forming more kidney stones. She is friendly and professional, and she responds promptly to any questions. I highly recommend her!


Aparna has been a Godsend to me.  She has held my hand every step of the way.  She also let me know that even though I already have a disease on top of being diagnosed with CKD, I can work through it and improve my overall health and well being. Thank you for all your help. Deborah Tucker

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