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Lakshmi OM,LMBT

Seated Side Bend

Lakshmi Om, LMBT is a trauma-informed yoga therapist and retired massage therapist. She received her BFA in modern dance from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1997. It was here that she discovered her love of bodywork and the study of movement. In 1999, she earned her massage therapy certification and has served thousands of clients over her 20-plus years in the field. Lakshmi became a certified yoga instructor in 2003 and has taught countless students in the art and practice of yoga in group classes, teacher trainings, and even at the women's prison.


Over her years of practice, Lakshmi began to see more and more clients with a history of trauma that was impeding their progress and ability to heal. In 2020, she finished her years-long training to become an internationally certified yoga therapist, and in 2021 she completed her trauma-informed yoga therapy training. Lakshmi loves to get to the source of pain, trauma, and discomfort with her clients working from the bottom up through the nervous system. This way of approaching trauma is efficient and reduces the potential of retraumatization. She works with clients to help regulate their nervous systems so they feel more safe, grounded, calm, centered, and self-controlled. Then, she takes her clients through the next steps of structural or physical healing to help them feel less pain and more embodied. Lakshmi is also currently working on her master's in clinical social work at Widener University. She is passionate about helping people get out of pain, whatever the kind of pain is, and whatever its source.

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