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Massage Care and Bodywork


We have two massage therapists in our Cary, NC office who specialize in a range of different massage techniques for our clients. By working collaboratively with our patients, we can provide relief of pain, release of tension, and facilitate relaxation, which is key for healing. Massage therapy compliments other modes of healing, and therapies to help a patient achieve better health and quality of life. 



I turned to Cary Integrative Health for massage therapy.  I had begun regular work-out sessions at a local gym and developed back spasms and muscle "knots" as a result of the increased use of underutilized muscle groups.  The sessions focus on deep tissue massage, breaking down connective fascia that keep the muscles from moving smoothly, and increasing joint mobility.  In reality, the sessions are part of an overall approach to strengthening, increased mobility, and improved functioning.  I think Carolyn Bird has been especially receptive to being a part of the overall fitness plan I am undertaking.  Bchcardinal Hale

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