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Learn how to let go and create space for YOU!

The Self-Care Healthcare 2021 Kickoff Challenge - Jan. 4 - 8, 2021

Is self-care the last thing on your mind?


Does any of this sound like you?

  • Your stress is through the roof. 

  • You feel like you’re being pulled in 100 different directions.

  • You’re working harder than ever… and yet… nothing seems to get done.

  • Your to-do list keeps you up at night.

  • You’ve learned to live with your stress and anxiety… but you’re not really managing it.

Self-care is a necessity that shouldn’t make you feel guilty

The average American spends more than $140,000 on self-care in her lifetime… And yet, 75% of Americans feel guilty about it.


There’s a huge disconnect there… and it’s because many people don’t know where to start with self-care or how to make it a habit.


That’s why I created the Self-Care Healthcare 2021 Kickoff Challenge!


It’s all about building accountability and community into your self-care routine.

2021 will be your best year ever, but only if you take self-care seriously


My name is Carolyn Byrd and I’m the owner of Cary Integrative Health and a certified Health and Habit Coach. This year, I want to teach you how to let go and create space for YOU!


I created the Self-Care Healthcare 2021 Kickoff Challenge because I believe that in just 5 days, I can help you create habits that will set you up for the rest of the year… and for the rest of your life.


Why is self-care so important? Because without it, we can’t show up as our best selves for everyone else in our lives. So when you commit to building these lifelong habits, you open up space to support those around you.


I wanted to create an easy and fun way for you to develop the self-care habits that have been essential to my personal well-being.


So, each day of the challenge we’ll discuss a different theme and review one self-care exercise that you can practice immediately.

Self-care with a community


The best part of the 2021 Kickoff Challenge is that you’ll gain a community of support that will help you begin to let go of the stress and anxiety that’s holding you back.


Here’s a look at what we’ll cover together in our community Facebook Group:


January 4: Meditation and Mindfulness

Learn about the importance of meditation and mindfulness (and what most people get wrong about these practices).


January 5: Gratitude Lists and Journaling

I’ll show you how to develop a writing practice that sets you up for success. Learn how often you should journal, what you should journal about and why this habit will help your mental state.


January 6: Observing the Pause

Learn about one of the most underrated self-care practices available to you.


January 7: Control Circles

Manage how you worry. I’ll teach you how to identify what you can and cannot control.


January 8: 80/20 Rule and Filling Your Cup

We’ll dive into the practice of filling your own cup and how it impacts those around you. 

2021 should be the year of YOU!

In just five days you’ll learn the techniques I’ve used for years to show up as my best, healthiest self every single day.


The 2021 Kickoff Challenge will help you develop a baseline of self-care skills that can be easily implemented while you build a community of support along the way. Will I see you on January 4th?


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